DCP/ 16:9 / color / 90’ / 2026 / spanish & english

synopsis: Tessa, a popular influencer, returns to her childhood home in Tijuana to celebrate her birthday with her family. While waiting for her mother and sister to arrive from San Diego she is contacted by @murmur0, a strange youtuber whose internet profile claims passed away 8 years ago, but still appears online and communicates with her through disturbing videos. The prolonged wait and the increasingly strange similarities between @murmur0’s tragic fate and her childhood memories will plunge her into a deep paranoia from which she will not be able to escape.


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directed by - Alejandra Villalba García
screenplay - Alejandra Villalba García, Francisco Sánchez de la Vega
production - Carlos Paz, Mónica Moreno, Julio Chavezmontes
in co-production with - PIANO
cast - Tessa Ia, Nailea Norvind
director of photography - Pablo Garrido Carreras

-Selected at CATAPULTA Lab 2021 at FICUNAM (International Film Festival of the National Autonomous University of Mexico)
-Selected at Proyecta as part of Ventana Sur 2023, organized by Marché du Film - Cannes Film Festival, San Sebastian International Film Festival and INCAA (National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts of Argentina)